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Abby Redrico


My interest in hair began way back in 6th grade when I was in recovery from a bad haircut. Or maybe it’s better to say that it was while doing disaster relief that I discovered that I really enjoyed styling hair… The stylist effectively gave me a mullet. Not having the option of going for another haircut, I experimented with products to figure how I could make it look better, and this opened me up to the world of styling.

This should have clued me in that I love working hands-on. But I first tried Beauty Merchandising and Marketing. This was too much at a remove from actually working in beauty, and I didn’t last long before deciding to go full-in as a stylist. That’s what I did, starting at San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology, where I was part of Phase II Honors, Cutting Crew and Design Team. I also styled at many shows, including Suits&Sneakers at Super Bowl 50. 

I’m currently completing the Apprentice program at Atelier Emmanuel, while also offer services as a lash artist.


Check the Academy Schedule, if you are interested in being a training model.


Blow Dry$40+

Single Process Color$55+
Keratin Treatment$225



Full Set1h30m$195
~80 lashes per eye
Full Refill
For existing clients only after 2 - 3 weeks since application; past 3 weeks is a new set.
Mini Set60m$115
~30 lashes per eye
Lash Removal30m$45
Makeup Removal$10





Monday: Academy
Tuesday: 11a — 7p
Wednesday: 11a — 7p
Thursday: 11a — 7p
Friday: 11a — 7p
Saturday: 10a — 6p
Sunday: Off

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