The goal of the Academy is to be a center for the craft of beauty services. We want to provide new professionals a solid foundation for their career, and we want to offer veteran service providers an opportunity to gain fundamentals that we have observed to often be lacking, as well as breaking out of habits, overspecialization and conceptualizations which restrict their talents. We also hope to nurture more community among professionals in our area.

The core of the Academy is the apprenticeship. We teach apprentices how to be efficient, proficient, and professional so that they can express themselves in the services they offer. Many post-graduate trainings focus on presenting recipes. Our focus is on what school should have taught, all the fundamentals of body mechanics and tool handling that will allow services to be executed nimbly and that permit a long career.

We currently offer apprenticeships in hair styling and coloring, and in skin care.

Applications for Apprenticeships


Aesthetician (coming soon)

Interested in being part of our trainings as a model? Click to see the Academy Schedule.

Working apprentices also offer services at lowered prices. Make no mistake: the services they offer are on par with what many other businesses would offer as the standard. It is just that our bar is set higher here.


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