René Furterer Express treatments for lasting hair and scalp benefits

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Nov 172017

René Furterer


Not yet familiar with René Furterer Hair & Scalp Treatments? Read this post.

We recently wrote about our Complete Treatment, which is like the version of an RF Treatment that you'd receive at their Paris Institute. We also offer an Express Treatment. It doesn't go as as deep, cleansing and relaxing as the Complete one does; but it's still a nice complement to a haircut or blowdry, and a kickstart to a good at-home maintenance routine.

As a standalone treatment it takes about 30 minutes. As an add-on to a service, 15 minutes. You get the same steps as in the Complete Treatment, just in an abbreviated format. Don't mistake these for the conditioning treatments you might have received at the shampoo bowl before, though. They pack a lot of efficacy into 15 minutes! (along with a little cat nap opportunity...)

Here are the basic steps during your session:

  • Consultation
  • Prep brushing
  • Scalp cleansing and balancing with Complex 5 or Astera application
  • 3 — 5 minute scalp massage
  • 2 quick shampoos with head massage
  • Conditioner
  • Optional Leave-in Treatment

Clients with specific scalp and hair concerns are prescribed an appropriate treatment protocol to do at home. This can be as simple as swapping out the shampoo you use, or taking a few additional steps 1 to 2 times a week. A nice thing about René Furterer is they have developed products that work synergistically, but meet you where you're at. Wants something easy to help with hair loss? Go for the Vitalfan supplements, for instance. Want to add another step? Start using Complex 5 before shampooing a couple of times each week. Ready to level up? Add the Triphasic or RF 80. Whether you come in for a treatment or not, hair and scalp care is something that you can always come in and discuss with us, by the way. We'll lay out what we think would be the best protocol, but leave it to you to pick the components that suit you.

So that's our quick rundown on the RF Express Treatments. Ready to get one? Then it's bonus time: get 20% off both Express and Complete treatments until 12/15. Just use code RFTREAT20 when you book online and easy peasy the discount will be applied automatically. Bookings are available at both our locations:


See you soon (^_^)

Learn the deets on René Furterer Complete Treatments

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Nov 162017

Atelier Emmanuel RF Treatments 03

The René Furterer Complete Treatment is a full-on ritual of relaxation and therapy for your hair and scalp. Clocking in at an hour, it's like a body massage or facial but focused on the top of your head. We recently wrote a little bit about the idea behind RF hair and scalp treatments. Today we thought we'd lay out the details of a Complete Treatment.

Here are the basic steps:   

  1. Consultation
  2. Preparation and brushing
  3. Pre Shampoo Scalp Treatment
  4. Scalp Massage
  5. Cleansing with treatment shampoo
  6. Conditioner and optional Leave-in conditioner
  7. Special treatments (if needed)
  8. Blow Dry       

And a little bit about each one:          

1.   Consultation                                                   

The René Furterer treatments are customized according to the needs of your hair and scalp. During the consultation, the stylist identifies what treatment will offer you the best benefits. The natural and current state of the scalp, the quality of the hair, what hair services you generally get, and what your styling routine is — all these are critical in selecting products for the session.

2.   Preparation and brushing                                     

Brushing and Massaging are the two main parts to prepping the hair and scalp. It maximizes the benefits of the cleansing and treatment you will receive. Brushing goes a long way to improving the circulation of your scalp. It also removes dirt and sebum from the hair. This will help treatment products penetrate the follicle of the hair.

3.    Pre-shampoo scalp treatment

One of two products is used for this stage, Complex 5 or Astera (see box below for info on each). Each can be understood, in essence, as exfoliating treatments for the scalp. The scalp treatment is massaged into the scalp in sections. Once applied, you relax under a steam bath for 10 to 15 minutes, as the product does its work.

Complex 5's concentration of orange and lavender essential oils increases microcirculation. Once applied, most clients feel their scalp tingling; this is the effect of the citrus extracts stimulating blood flow. Complex 5 removes the top layer of dead skin cells, which invigorates the scalp and helps strengthen hair from the root bulb.

Astera is Recommended for the client with a sensitive or irritated scalp. While Complex 5 provides a warming effect, Astera cools, soothes and calms the scalp. This cooling effect is provided by essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, and camphor. Another ingredient, extract of Asteraceae (Echinacea), provides anti-inflammatory and healing benefits.

4.   Scalp Massage

The scalp treatment is applied to the root of the hair and worked in. It is followed by a massage protocol, which helps the essential oils penetrate into the scalp. Rene Furterer has a set sequence of clinically tested massage strokes that are applied. The same sequence is used for either the Express or the Complete Treatment, but the duration will be shorter or longer, respectively.

5.   Cleansing with Treatment Shampoo

Following the treatment, the scalp treatment product is rinsed out and an appropriate shampoo is applied. The shampoo is chosen based on the consultation:            

  • Astera for very sensitive or irritated scalp,                     
  • Karite Hydra for dehydrated scalp and hair,
  • Karite Nutri for very dry hair,         
  • Curbicia for oily hair,
  • Tonucia for aging, weakened hair.         
  • Forticea shampoo for thinning hair, and to reduce hair loss. 

The stylist generally applies 2 shampoos: one to wash the hair and the other one to treat the hair and scalp with a head massage (leave on for 5 minutes).

6.   Conditioner, optional leave-in

Like the treatment, a conditioner will be used depending on the need of the hair. A steam bath might also be used a second time, to deepen the treatment effect.  Karite Hydra, Karite Nutri or Sublime Curl is sometimes used as a leave-in conditioner to finish the treatment  

7.   Special Treatments if needed

Special treatments might be added depending on the condition being treated. These can precede or follow the shampoo and conditioner, depending on which protocol has been selected. For instance the RF80 and Triphasic, both treatments for thinning hair, are used at the end the session.                                                 

8.   Blow Dry

All treatments include a simple blow dry, unless a haircut appointment is scheduled. Minimal product is used, so that the hair and scalp can continue to benefit from the treatment.

Ready to get one?

We hope this rundown piqued your interest in getting a René Furterer Hair and scalp Treatment! Bonus time: get 20% off both Express and Complete treatments until 12/15. Just use code RFTREAT20 when you book online and easy peasy the discount will be applied automatically.

If you are ready, bookings are available at both our locations:


See you soon (^_^)

A Unique Ritual for Hair & Scalp Health

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Nov 152017

Do you ever get the impression that our hair and our scalp are treated as if they were unrelated? It seems obvious that, since one grows out of the other, hair brands would give attention to the relationship of the health of hair to the health of the scalp. But many times you'd think that the hair was its own thing that just happens to be on top of the scalp — like, well, a wig.

Back in the late 50's, René Furterer, the founder of the eponymous line, did have the insight to see the relationship between the two. He made it the foundation for the products and treatments that he innovated. He combined essential oils and plant extracts with specialized massage and brushing techniques in order to optimize the health of the scalp, with the understanding that this would not only improve the health of hair strands, but prolong their life.

The concept behind René Furterer Treatments is to offer spa sessions focused on improving the health of your hair and scalp. Like a body massage or a facial, these treatment offer both therapeutic and relaxing effects. They help address scalp issues such as  balancing scalps which produce too much or not enough oil; address dandruff or skin irritation; manage different types of hair loss. It will also address common hair issues like overprocessing, drying, frizzyness, and split ends.

Make no mistake: this is a definitely a level up from the conditioning treatments that your stylist has probably offered you before. Backed by the pharmaceutical brand Pierre Fabre, RF has put decades of research into their products and treatments. The efficacy of the treatment is complemented by the fact that it is quite relaxing. You get a dose of pampering while improving the state of your hair and scalp. Win win!

Atelier Emmanuel is rare in being one of the few salons offering these services in their pure form, like you would receive in France (we got lucky: one of their instructors came to work for us). We have an Express treatment, which is similar to what most U.S. salons offer as their RF treatment. But we also offer the Complete Treatment, which is just like the service offered at RF's Paris Institute.

The Complete Treatment lasts longer, deepening the benefits of each stage. It is also a fuller spa experience with a longer scalp massage and a steam session. The Express Treatment is a great maintenance add-on to a blowdry or a haircut. You get less of the whole spa experience, but much of the same efficacy.

Either version should be part of your hair care routine. And that care should continue with the products that you choose to bring home.  René Furterer has developed their whole line to work together for the benefit of your hair and scalp. You can go full throttle, or pick and choose what products to get. Any stylist worth her salt will assist you in deciding what makes sense. The RF way of doing this is to take the time to look at the state of your hair and scalp, hear your hair care history and concerns, and come up with a proper strategy.

If you're in need of skin and scalp care consultation, come see one of our approved stylists. If you're for a relaxing RF treatment, well, come see for that too! 🙂

Ready to get one?

Get 20% off both Express and Complete treatments until 12/15. Just use code RFTREAT20 when you book online and easy peasy the discount will be applied automatically.



Julianne Before and After by Iwen + Victor

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Nov 082017

Julianne wanted to change to switch colors to something more natural and easy to care of.  Victor refreshed the style, cutting about 4 inches off. Check out the lovely fringe he gave her, too!


Linda Color Transformation by Abby

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Nov 082017

"My friend/client since beauty school, Linda said it was time to get away from the blonde. It took us two sessions to get there. The first time her ends proved too porous and ended going too dark for our liking. This can be happen — hair coloring can often be a journey of discovery! We fixed this in a second session, though. I removed the pigment and put in a new formulation, which I also monitored more closely. We got the look we were going after: Linda has a lush red-brown that will go great for autumn!"



New Position at work, New Look for Andrea

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Oct 192017

Andrea won a transformation with the Claude Lane gang via Evvemi. Evvemi asked us to be on the ground floor of creating a system that will screen and vet stylists so that each client can find the right stylist for them. To drive awareness of their service, Evvemi has been arranging and documenting 'before and afters' with partner salons. This session was done by Krystal and Shirley.

New Promotion, New Look

Andrea wanted to mature her look. Recently promoted at her job, she was looking to get something that would live up to her new management position. It had been a while since her last haircut, so she had a lot of length to work with. She also had an ombre that was overdue for a refresh.  Andrea came in with the idea of going bright blonde, but after consulting about her hair history and learning about her maintenance routine, she agreed that this wasn’t the right direction for her. We opted for a soft natural balayage that better suited her look and lifestyle.

We also decided to go in a different direction with her cut. 8 – 10 inches would come off to make a shoulder-length “lob” with some texture on the ends. Because we were taking so much hair off, Shirley did a ‘rough chop’ before the color application. This would save time Krystal from needless coloring, but more importantly allow her to place the color in accordance to the final look.

Krystal started with a toner to deepen, cool and even out her base color.  This was at the shampoo bowl. Back in the chair, she did some balayage highlights, with a focus on brightening around Andrea's face and softening the overall look. This was followed by a standalone Olaplex treatment to keep her hair healthy. 

Shirley finished the cut and made sure to show Andrea what products to use at home. With much less length, and the additional texture, it will be much easier for her to style!

Andrea was thrilled with the new look. The transformation was emotional for all of us, and shows how a change in our hair can really have an impact, and can be a way to mark a transition in our lives.

Shelley’s dog-friendly gratitude party

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Oct 192017

Recently, while Shelley was out of the country, her doggo Baci, got loose while staying at the sitters. It took a couple of days, but Baci was successfully found, thanks to the outpouring of support from the community.

It's scary to love your pet companion — and even more so when you are helpless to do anything about it!  To show her support for everyone who helped while she couldn't, Shelley threw a Neighborhood Gratitude Party. As she is active in the animal rescue community, Shelley also put together an auction with goodies to benefit Friends of SFACC (San Francisco Animal Care & Control). All the funds raised will help maintain the great programs that the organization offers the pets (and pets-to-be) of our city.

As our city continues to develop, it's heartening to see neighbors still looking for one another!

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