Aug 112016

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We had decided as a group to focus on creative color for this shoot. I chose to make a wig, because I want to be a wig maker, and I take any chance I get to play in that medium! But also, wigs allow you to do a lot of creative, fun stuff in a very accessible way — something that I want to remind people of. I wanted to go for something galactic, out of this world. My biggest inspiration for this was Prince. I’m a huge Prince fan, and he passed away around the time of the photoshoot (hence the purple make up). I love his wild spirit and his outrageous costumes. How he loved everyone, and was so kind. The tribute is in the makeup, but also in the poses. I wanted them to be unique and fierce but also have some softness. I wanted the wig to be captivating and to be inspiring; it took quite a few hours to custom color, cut, and prep, but I think I achieved that!

— Peaches


Styling | Peaches Stitts

Makeup | Jessica Buera

Model | Jennifer Roberts

Photography + Production | Felix Moreau


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