Krystal | Colorist


Krystal Mitchell


I knew I wanted to be in the salon industry when I began my schooling at Paul Mitchell. But it was only during the programme that I discovered that I am a color enthusiast to the core.

From 2012 on, I was an assistant at Mercer Street Salon, where I was given an amazing opportunity to hone my skills and find my style as a colorist. With more than 4,000 hours of intense color-focused training and on-the-floor work under my belt, I am confident in my ability to help you express the look you want — while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

True connection, communication and an insatiable desire to never stop learning all drive my passion as a colorist. I look forward to putting my skills to use for you.



Blow Dry$65+

Single Process Color$100+
Partial Highlight$145+
Partial + Color$165+
Full Highlight$175+
Full Highlight + Color$195+

Base Breaker$65

Balayage, Partial$145
Balyage, Full$175
Ombré, Partial$145
Ombré, Full$175

Bleach (roots)$125+ *
Bleach (full)$145+ *
Perm$145+ *

Color CorrectionBilled Hourly*
Creative ColorBilled Hourly*
*Consultation Recommended


Monday: Off
Tuesday: 11a – 7p
Wednesday: 11a — 7p
Thursday: 11a — 7p
Friday: 11a — 7p
Saturday: 10a — 6p
Sunday: Off

Krystal is now at our 9 Claude Lane location!


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