Jun 132017

Get ready for age-defying, acne-reducing & wrinkle smoothing treatments — that are also relaxing and pampering! Our Lead Aesthetician, Shelley, has revamped our skin care menu to streamline our offerings. All of our facials are treatment-focused & results-driven, with skin-friendly ingredients at the core. Under the banner of "express facials" we've also introduced many accessible facials that are time and cost effective. Take a look below, and book soon to get on the path to great skin.



Foundation Facial 1h30m $174
All the steps needed to nourish & protect your skin. Your session includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, therapeutic serums, a customized mask, moisturizer & SPF, capped with a shoulder & neck massage.  Sets the foundation for great skin!


Deep Pore Cleanse Facial 1h $134
This purifying facial includes a enzymes with steam, extractions, oxygen foam [when appropriate], serums, moisturizer & SPF. When treating acne, redness or visible capillaries we recommend alternating weekly with the Oxygen Facial in a series of 6 treatments.


Petite Facial 45m $94
An express facial with maximum benefits. This refreshing treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, a customized mask, moisturizer, SPF. Consider adding our Botanical Boosts for an ideal pairing.


Beauty Boost 45m $94
Look well-rested & ready for the next item on your agenda. Includes exfoliation and micro-current. You then choose between plant-based ampoules or Botanical Boost.
Oxygen Facial 45m $94
Enjoy the simplicity of this mini-treatment which includes a skin analysis, enzymes with steam [no extractions], oxygen foam, moisturizer & SPF.


Extractions Only* 45m $94
Steam, enzymes, & extractions tackle chronic skin congestion, breakouts & assist with persistent acne. This may be helpful to have weekly during critical times, or alternated with your regular facial.


Our signature skin-restoring add-on! Plant-based extracts engineered to assist specific concerns such as slack skin, wrinkles, sun damage, aging, inflammation and sunburns. Immediate results that continue to peak for several days.

10m  $64


After School Special 1h $104
Specially crafted for teens with problematic skin. We’ll clear congestion, address acne-scars, assist with periodic breakouts & reduce stubborn acne.
Repair Facial* 2h $164
Who says you’re only young once? This rejuvenating treatment repairs signs of aging by stimulating collagen & elastin production. Processing breaks allows you time for other services, such as brows + bikini waxing.  


Rosacea Treatment* 1h15m $154
Diagnosed with rosacea? Try this natural alternative to medication, which will calm redness & irritation. This treatment also aids in controlling the demodex mite thought to contribute to rosacea.
Back Facial 1h $124
Using the same high quality ingredients as our facials, this deep cleansing treatment is designed to give you clear, smooth skin. Enzymes are used to breakdown congestion followed by extractions. We finish with a delightful mask and shoulder massage. It’s ideal for back breakouts and upcoming body-baring events.



Alpha & beta hydroxy acid peels in a variety of potencies, depending on your specific concerns & lifestyle. Results can include reducing sun spots (hyperpigmentation), congestion, fine lines, improving wrinkles, stimulating cell renewal, Increasing firmness, tone and texture.  A series of 3-6 treatments gives maximum results.

Peel I 45m $94
Light exfoliation for a flake-free experience.
Peel II* 50m $134
Moderate exfoliation with potential flaking.
Peel III* 50m $174
Significant exfoliation. Expect 3-5 days of flaking.  

*At-home prep or post-care required.

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