Wendi | Stylist


Lasalette Oliveira

Many people chart the route to hairstyling from their time with dolls as a kid. Not so for Wendi, who first had her start in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. How does one go from working with products to working with people? “The crossover for me was that idea of finding what they each want to be, and turning that into a scene, or a look, that is essential to them — and of course beautiful. There’s something alluring about working with a product or a person to get to something that just seems like it was always there. The difference, of course, is that working with a person is so much more direct and dynamic than with merchandise.”

That interplay, between transformation and revealing, drives Wendi’s focus on hair coloring and makeup — as well as on what the client wants: “The real skill in makeup is not replicating the latest trend splashed across Instagram, but rather to express what the client wants and what suits them.”

Wendi is currently progressing through the Atelier Emmanuel apprenticeship program and will soon be offering services as a Working Apprentice.

Check the Academy Schedule, if you are interested in being a training model.






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