A Unique Ritual for Hair & Scalp Health

Do you ever get the impression that our hair and our scalp are treated as if they were unrelated? It seems obvious that, since one grows out of the other, hair brands would give attention to the relationship of the health of hair to the health of the scalp. But many times you’d think that the hair was its own thing that just happens to be on top of the scalp — like, well, a wig.

Back in the late 50’s, René Furterer, the founder of the eponymous line, did have the insight to see the relationship between the two. He made it the foundation for the products and treatments that he innovated. He combined essential oils and plant extracts with specialized massage and brushing techniques in order to optimize the health of the scalp, with the understanding that this would not only improve the health of hair strands, but prolong their life.

The concept behind René Furterer Treatments is to offer spa sessions focused on improving the health of your hair and scalp. Like a body massage or a facial, these treatment offer both therapeutic and relaxing effects. They help address scalp issues such as  balancing scalps which produce too much or not enough oil; address dandruff or skin irritation; manage different types of hair loss. It will also address common hair issues like overprocessing, drying, frizzyness, and split ends.

Make no mistake: this is a definitely a level up from the conditioning treatments that your stylist has probably offered you before. Backed by the pharmaceutical brand Pierre Fabre, RF has put decades of research into their products and treatments. The efficacy of the treatment is complemented by the fact that it is quite relaxing. You get a dose of pampering while improving the state of your hair and scalp. Win win!

Atelier Emmanuel is rare in being one of the few salons offering these services in their pure form, like you would receive in France (we got lucky: one of their instructors came to work for us). We have an Express treatment, which is similar to what most U.S. salons offer as their RF treatment. But we also offer the Complete Treatment, which is just like the service offered at RF’s Paris Institute.

The Complete Treatment lasts longer, deepening the benefits of each stage. It is also a fuller spa experience with a longer scalp massage and a steam session. The Express Treatment is a great maintenance add-on to a blowdry or a haircut. You get less of the whole spa experience, but much of the same efficacy.

Either version should be part of your hair care routine. And that care should continue with the products that you choose to bring home.  René Furterer has developed their whole line to work together for the benefit of your hair and scalp. You can go full throttle, or pick and choose what products to get. Any stylist worth her salt will assist you in deciding what makes sense. The RF way of doing this is to take the time to look at the state of your hair and scalp, hear your hair care history and concerns, and come up with a proper strategy.

If you’re in need of skin and scalp care consultation, come see one of our approved stylists. If you’re for a relaxing RF treatment, well, come see for that too! 🙂

Ready to get one?

Get 20% off both Express and Complete treatments until 12/15. Just use code RFTREAT20 when you book online and easy peasy the discount will be applied automatically.



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