Atelier Emmanuel 2015 Hair Collections

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Line Collection Preview

Line Collection by Emmanuel Noel + Adrien Flammier

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Designing a collection has been on our radar for some time. We’ve always been quite active creating hair art and fashion; but we wanted to go a step further and create a cohesive series of looks that would show how an underlying principle can be expressed in many different ways.

The Inspiration
Stylist are always looking in print and online media for inspiration. Emmanuel has noted that lines are a common principle in fashion and hair design, much like in architecture. This year they are also an overt design element. This was corroborated by Adrien’s experience at New York Fashion Week  F/W 2015, where lines were a clear trend.

Lines are everywhere in hair cutting, coloring and styling. A stylist is always either working with a line, or consciously choosing to ‘break’ it. It is there in the way that hair is sectioned; the manner in which color is applied; the overall shape the stylist chooses to create. Lines do not have to be straight of course; they can be round. But for a style to be properly structured, to be complete, the line must be there.

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Creative Color Collection by Paul Pu + Sareli Pastore-Meraz

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Being a stylist is an ongoing creative process. If you stand still, you are retiring. So when we are not behind the chair, we spend a good bit of time looking at what is happening, and coming up, in fashion trends.

One of the trends that firmly took root this year is pastel hair color. We kept coming across different examples we liked; finally, we asked ourselves, “Well, if other stylists are doing this, why can’t we?

When people think of Atelier Emmanuel, they think about beautiful, everyday styles; we want to highlight that we are also a place for pastel and popping colors.

This collection is a way to introduce clients to the broader world of hair color. The possibilities of what can be achieved, and of what is considered acceptable for daily life, is incredibly rich right now!

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Atelier-Emmanuel-Line-Collection-rmx-04We also asked Felix to “remix” the Line Collection to highlight the lines in each style.

Line Collection Remix


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We presented both collections on October 1st. See photos of the event here.

Hair Collection Exhibition


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