Atelier Emmanuel Guest Artist Davide Torchio

Atelier Emmanuel was privileged to host another demo class with René Furterer (RF). The guest artist this time was Davide Torchio:

“Davide’s love of hair began as a 7-year-old boy growing up in Turin, Italy. On his 14th birthday, his unending curiosity landed him his first job at a renowned Turin salon, which then led to a scholarship at a fashion and beauty school. After graduating, he set off to work with some of the leading fashion houses and photographers in Milan.

Davide then followed his passion for entertainment to LA, where he studied under José Eber and coiffed some of Hollywood’s most famous personalities. To continue his studies, Davide’s next stop was Paris couture, followed by New York, where he opened a salon.

Davide’s work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Surface, Harper’s Bazaar, as well as in numerous international publications.”


We have Wendy Quivey, our RF account manager, and Stacey Miller, Regional Education Director for RF, to thank for getting Davide to San Francisco. “This was the first class in San Francisco with our new Rene Furterer Academy,” Wendy says, “and we are going to be offering more classes like this in the future.”


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Model 1

Davide presented two styles. For the first model, he focused on long layers on long hair. “A lot of people don’t always really know what ‘layers’ means,” mentions Adrien, who assisted Davide during the demos. “When you are layering you create a perimeter of hair, and then stack gradually shorter layers of hair on top of it. If you did the opposite, with the shorter layers underneath, that would be ‘undercutting’.  When you have ‘long layers’  that means that the amount you cut from layer to layer is small, so you have a more graduated effect.”



Model 2

For the second model, Davide performed a full bob (meaning no layers) with texturizing on the perimeter. “Teaching how to do a perfect bob is not so easy,” Adrien comments. “And of course, it’s always interesting to watch a long to short hair transformation, especially on a model that has thick hair like this one did.”



Emmanuel: “Overall, I liked watching Davide’s work. He is quite similar in style to me, with a lot of dry cutting, which I don’t encounter a lot. For a demo, dry cutting makes sense and is visually interesting for a hairdresser to watch.”

Adrien: “He was very thorough on his finish, which is a mark of a good hairstylist.”

Emmanuel: “Very nice guy, didn’t act like a big superstar — which we like here!”


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