Curling Hair Cutting Class with René Furterer

In preparation for the launch of the Sublime Curl line, René Furterer is offering its salon partners education focusing on… you guessed it, curly hair. Atelier Emmanuel was happy to again host the class for the Bay Area, which featured acclaimed stylist and educator Ali Salahshoor.

Ali Salahshoor graduated from high school at the very young age of 16. From there he pursued a two year education in the field of Architecture. Ali always had a lingering passion for the world of hairdressing and discovered that he could implement concepts and theories from architecture school and apply them to haircutting and styling. Thus began the inspiration for his love of hair.

The day was split into two portions. A demonstration, to a packed house in the morning, focused on curly hair cutting and introducing the Sublime Curl; and then, in the afternoon a smaller group reconvened for hands-on training with Ali.

Always a pleasure to host events with René Furterer, and to glean new techniques with master stylists!

Before and After

Indelisa was one of the stylists who participated in the afternoon session. Here are pics of her model before and after. Adding layers and removing weight revived curls which were then styled with Sublime Curl products, bringing just the right amount of shine.

Curly Hair Cutting Class

Curly Hair Cutting Class

Curly Hair Cutting Class

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