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Hair Care Myth #2: Trimming your hair helps it grow faster

Yesterday, we began looking at Hair Care Myths presented by a French article we found on Yahoo! pour Elles.  Are they really myths, or are they true? How good of a job does the article do of debunking them? Read on! Today we look at Myth #2: Trimming your hair help them grow faster.

Atelier Emmanuel

What Yahoo! pour Elles says:

  • Trimming your hair does help you keep a nice and harmonious hair cut / shape.
  • However, it has absolutely no impact whatsoever on hair growth.
  • The only thing that can help your hair grow are professional hair care treatments, hormonal treatments and a specific diets.

Comment from the Atelier Emmanuel Team:

Yahoo! pour Elles got it right. Trimming hair won’t make it grow any faster. 

However, trimming your hair prevents split ends. Split ends, left unchecked, will extend to more of the hair and you will get breakage. So trimming hair helps you keep the growth you’ve gained. A small step back that keeps you moving forward towards your goal of longer hair. 

Split ends usually show up after 3 months, mainly on long hair. So if you want to grow hair, there’s no need to cut it every 5 weeks. Wait about 3 months to trim your hair.


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