Forked ends

Hair Care Myth #3: Fixing Split Ends

Continuing from Myth #1 and Myth #2, we have today’s Myth:

Split ends can only be repaired with a specific hair care product

Right off the bat, this didn’t make sense to us. Does anyone believe that split ends can only be addressed with hair care products? We doubt it. Most people know that you can simply cut off split ends. Perhaps the authors misspoke?
So what about the toned down idea that “split ends can be repaired with a specific hair care regiment?” Does that idea hold up, or is it also a myth?


Forked ends

What Yahoo! pour Elles says:
Whether the authors of the article meant “can only” or “can,” it comes down to the same fact: the only way to fix splits ends is with a pair of scissors. A lot of hair care brands pretend to fix your forked ends, but  this is only a temporary, quick fix solution.

Comment from the Atelier Emmanuel Team:
Some products, such as serums, can effectively address dry/damaged hair and ends. While they can prevent and limit split ends, they cannot repair them. A good pair of shears is still going to be needed.

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