Pony Tail

Hair Care Myth #5: Wearing a ponytail causes your hair to fall out

Today’s hair myth: Wearing a pony tail causes your hair to fall out. Yes? No? Read on!

Pony Tail

What Yahoo! pour Elles says:

As long as it is not everyday and not too tight, wearing a pony tail from time to time won’t damage your hair.  Just bear in mind that too much tension on the scalp and root of the hair could lead to a progressive loss of hair.

Comment from Atelier Emmanuel:

We agree with what Yahoo pour Elles! says.

If your pony tail is too tight, it can:

  • break your hair at the rubber band area.

  • pull too much on the follicle at the scalp, this damages the follicle and can lead to progressive hair loss.


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