New Position at work, New Look for Andrea

Andrea won a transformation with the Claude Lane gang via Evvemi. Evvemi asked us to be on the ground floor of creating a system that will screen and vet stylists so that each client can find the right stylist for them. To drive awareness of their service, Evvemi has been arranging and documenting ‘before and afters’ with partner salons. This session was done by Krystal and Shirley.

New Promotion, New Look

Andrea wanted to mature her look. Recently promoted at her job, she was looking to get something that would live up to her new management position. It had been a while since her last haircut, so she had a lot of length to work with. She also had an ombre that was overdue for a refresh.  Andrea came in with the idea of going bright blonde, but after consulting about her hair history and learning about her maintenance routine, she agreed that this wasn’t the right direction for her. We opted for a soft natural balayage that better suited her look and lifestyle.

We also decided to go in a different direction with her cut. 8 – 10 inches would come off to make a shoulder-length “lob” with some texture on the ends. Because we were taking so much hair off, Shirley did a ‘rough chop’ before the color application. This would save time Krystal from needless coloring, but more importantly allow her to place the color in accordance to the final look.

Krystal started with a toner to deepen, cool and even out her base color.  This was at the shampoo bowl. Back in the chair, she did some balayage highlights, with a focus on brightening around Andrea’s face and softening the overall look. This was followed by a standalone Olaplex treatment to keep her hair healthy. 

Shirley finished the cut and made sure to show Andrea what products to use at home. With much less length, and the additional texture, it will be much easier for her to style!

Andrea was thrilled with the new look. The transformation was emotional for all of us, and shows how a change in our hair can really have an impact, and can be a way to mark a transition in our lives.

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