René Furterer Express treatments for lasting hair and scalp benefits

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Not yet familiar with René Furterer Hair & Scalp Treatments? Read this post.

We recently wrote about our Complete Treatment, which is like the version of an RF Treatment that you’d receive at their Paris Institute. We also offer an Express Treatment. It doesn’t go as as deep, cleansing and relaxing as the Complete one does; but it’s still a nice complement to a haircut or blowdry, and a kickstart to a good at-home maintenance routine.

As a standalone treatment it takes about 30 minutes. As an add-on to a service, 15 minutes. You get the same steps as in the Complete Treatment, just in an abbreviated format. Don’t mistake these for the conditioning treatments you might have received at the shampoo bowl before, though. They pack a lot of efficacy into 15 minutes! (along with a little cat nap opportunity…)

Here are the basic steps during your session:

  • Consultation
  • Prep brushing
  • Scalp cleansing and balancing with Complex 5 or Astera application
  • 3 — 5 minute scalp massage
  • 2 quick shampoos with head massage
  • Conditioner
  • Optional Leave-in Treatment

Clients with specific scalp and hair concerns are prescribed an appropriate treatment protocol to do at home. This can be as simple as swapping out the shampoo you use, or taking a few additional steps 1 to 2 times a week. A nice thing about René Furterer is they have developed products that work synergistically, but meet you where you’re at. Wants something easy to help with hair loss? Go for the Vitalfan supplements, for instance. Want to add another step? Start using Complex 5 before shampooing a couple of times each week. Ready to level up? Add the Triphasic or RF 80. Whether you come in for a treatment or not, hair and scalp care is something that you can always come in and discuss with us, by the way. We’ll lay out what we think would be the best protocol, but leave it to you to pick the components that suit you.

So that’s our quick rundown on the RF Express Treatments. Ready to get one? Then it’s bonus time: get 20% off both Express and Complete treatments until 12/15. Just use code RFTREAT20 when you book online and easy peasy the discount will be applied automatically. Bookings are available at both our locations:


See you soon (^_^)

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