That contour trend in makeup? Now it’s for your hair too

Like their counterparts in fashion, Wella is on point about the trends emerging in hair color for each season. Our stylists meet with their education team at least twice a year to catch up on the hair color forecast. Wella releases Collections which express these trends, as well as the best techniques to get the type of results clients are expecting now.

The Ecaille Collection

For S/S, Wella has released the Ecaille Collection. It focuses on complex subtlety and color shades that are very salon-friendly — i.e., colors that you, as a client, can and want to get!

We love the collection not only for the color palettes, but for the approach it takes to color application. It’s similar to how makeup is used (or how photo retouching is done) to enhance beauty. Select areas are lightened to control how light lands on the hair. You get a flattering effect, no matter where the light is actually shining.

Taking the contour concept from makeup to hair coloring

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Take a look at this next image, a close up from earlier… See the highlight on the right side, about eye level? It’s actually due to color, not how light is reflecting off the hair! Notice also how the line of this highlight follows the shape of the head and is on level with the model’s eyes. This is an example of how the principle of contour is being used in hair coloring. Like with makeup, placement is key to making sure that the effect flatters and enhances the right elements of a person’s face.

We are really pleased that Wella is pushing the use of this type of technique, as it brings another level of refinement to color application.


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A glossary of shapes

Thinking of color applications in terms of shapes allows your colorist to think ahead about the final look she wants to create. The simple shapes build up to complex yet subtle results.

Before and Afters

Here are results from the class. Without the pro photographer on-hand, the effects might not seem striking. But that’s kind of the point: this approach to color is subtle and enhancing. To use the makeup analogy one last time, this approach is for anyone who doesn’t want to shout “I have makeup on!” 😉

Want to see Wella’s full collection of Spring/Summer 2016 hair color trends?

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