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Hair Care Myth #6: If you keep using the same shampoo, it will become less effective overtime

Welcome back from Labor Day Weekend!

From 1 to 8, we are reviewing hair care myths that a French article on Yahoo! pour Elles set out to debunk. Did they get it right? Did their post even make sense? Well… We’ve decided as hair professionals, to give a hopefully better rendition of these hair myths. 

Today’s Myth: If you keep using the same shampoo, it will become less effective overtime

Hm. Is that shampoo fulfilling me?

What Yahoo! pour Elles says:

If you like to often switch products, testing out new stuff, do not expect to see changes in results. Sometimes, you will even obtain the opposite effect/outcome, because the accumulation of product residues will lead to dull hair.

Once a week, use a purifying shampoo to get rid of the residues of products that you use frequently.

Comment from the Atelier Emmanuel Team:


Did that make sense to you? Because it certainly didn’t for us. 

This is the weakest myth debunk that we found in this blog. It’s not so much whether it might be pointing in the right direction or not, but that it is presented nonsensically. 

So, here is our hopefully clearer response:

Yes the idea that “using the same shampoo will become less effective overtime” is a myth.

It’s not using the same shampoo for a long time that makes it stop being effective. It’s either 

  1. You hair and scalp needs have changed
  2. You were not using the right shampoo in the first place
  3. You haven’t factored in how to deal with styling product build-up

Lets geek out for a quick minute and break down your shampoo choices 🙂

Depending on your styling habits, you might have 1 to 3 shampoos in your arsenal. 

  1. A daily/regular shampoo
  2. A purifying/clarifying shampoo
  3. A treatment shampoo

Purifying Shampoo
A purifying shampoo is recommended if you regularly use styling products (such as oils, wax, gel, spray, mousse…). It should be used weekly. 

If you do not use any styling products and use a good frequent use shampoo (such as Naturia from Rene Furterer or Seaweed from Bumble and bumble), there is no need for you to use a clarifying/purifying shampoo. 

If you do use styling products, then you want a clarifying shampoo once a week. This is the one that will take care of any styling product build-up in your hair — a kind of reset that will leave  your hair looking lively and shiny. It addresses the specific issue of product buildup better than a daily shampoo can. Don’t replace your regular shampoo with it, though! These guys are meant to be buddies! Used everyday, a purifying shampoo would be too much for your hair. Used once a week, it keeps your regular shampoo effective (It’s a good wingman like that). 

A good purifying shampoo would be Bumble and bumble’s Sunday shampoo.

Treatment Shampoo
A treatment shampoo is recommended for specific conditions such as for an oily, dry or sensitive scalp. Again, this should be a weekly, not daily use shampoo. 

Overusing a treatment shampoo will almost certainly lead to diminishing returns.

Also, keep in mind that at some point a good treatment shampoo should have treated your hair properly; henceforth it will be there just to maintain the benefits. That doesn’t mean it’s becoming less effective!

Give your shampoos a fighting chance
It is true of course that you have to give products time to take effect. Switching products too often will prevent you from seeing results.

That’s our wrap-up to debunk the myth that “if you keep using the same it will become less effective overtime”. The truth is that your shampoo will remain effective as long as you are using the right one, for the right frequency, with the right wingman.

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